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Mission, Vision & Values

To build a co-creative community where people can come together to explore health, healing, and wellness.
To be a leader in Preventative Medicine.
To empower the public take charge of their health.
To provide hope, encouragement and health answers to chronic illness by addressing the root cause of dis-ease.
To start grassroots changes that will have generational impacts
To provide low cost, effective holistic healthcare.

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Address: 110 W 22ND AVE
Phone Number: 307-338-0293
Health Thyme Foundation currently oversees Wyobraska Chronic Illness Prevention and Recovery Programs.
HIT Cancer (Holistic Integrative Therapy)
HIT Autoimmune (Holistic Integrative Therapy)
HALT Alzheimer's (Helping Alzheimer's sufferers Live and Thrive)

These programs have three distinct functions
#1. Individual Support
#2. Research & Report
#3. Community Education & Involvement

Our goal is to reduce chronic illness by 50% by year 2025 through individualized care, results-oriented and client-driven programs that focus on the causal factors of the illness rather than the symptoms. By using these methods, a whole person approach creates a healing event often eliminating the disease itself.
Thank you for giving my life back. Before I learned how to reverse my autoimmune, I was in so much pain in my wrists that I couldn't even lift a fork, I had so little energy that I wasn't able to work and constantly sick. After learning what the root cause for my illness was, went through your specialized treatment, and learn how my lifestyle and eating habits was making everything worse, I am so much better. I now have 2 jobs, go to school full time and am in the process of buying a house. I lost over 50 lbs., I have a lot more energy, and rarely get sick. My swollen wrists have shrunk several inches and I can now use them. My pain is 90% gone. S.H. - Torrington, WY

When I came to you, I had run out of options. The doctors told me I had Celiac and to just avoid gluten foods. That didn't work, I was losing weight fast, fatigued to the point that I couldn't function, and constant diarrhea. I could only tolerate 2 foods and only a tiny amount of those. I was scared. Health Thyme helped me discover what the root cause,which wasn't Celiac, We then stopped the virus causing my IBS and educated me about Epstein Barr and that led me to finding a healing food that that really helped correct my condition. I now have added foods back in, I have gained my weight back, full of energy and I feel great! Thank you for saving my life! M.R.

I recently found out I have cancer. I was losing tons of weight, in a lot of pain and generally just feeling terrible. I couldn't eat anything for weeks. The doctors just told me to drink Ensure. Health Thyme helped guide me to beneficial liquid drinks that weren't full of sugar, but high in nutrients that my body needed to fight the cancer. It was the only food that I was able to keep down. I started to get my energy back and my pain has started to subside. They are also helping me strengthen my immune system and providing things to help protect me body from my cancer treatments so that it works better and helps reduce the side effects. It's amazing how much difference it makes! P.L - Scottsbluff, NE

I started my Autoimmune journey almost 3 years ago. A friend introduced me to the Autoimmune Paleo Diet. I was getting better until I lost my husband. The high stress sent my body over the edge and no matter how strict I was with my diet. I could not get my Lupus under control. I saw an add on Facebook for Health Thyme and checked it out. They were able to help me with supplements. Today my Lupus is back in check even with the stress of loosing my Father and Mother this year. I have been able to live life again without pain. It has been an amazing journey. Scottsbluff, NE