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Mediation West creates pathways of constructive dialogue and conflict resolution. We achieve our mission through the processes of mediation, facilitation and education.

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Address: 615 S. Beltline Hwy. W.
Scottsbluff, NE 63961
Mediation West will be a community leader in providing progressive and empowering approaches to conflict resolution and effective decision making.

Mediation West holds a set of values that provide the foundation of its relationship with all constituents and the community.
• Commitment to the future: Mediation West acknowledges the past while focusing on opportunities for the future.
• Integrity: Mediation West endeavors to do the right thing at the right time and to assist others in doing the same.
• Learning: Mediation West provides an environment for respectful reflection, understanding alternative perspectives and building positive resolutions.
• Respect: Mediation West meets people where they are while providing a safe and hopeful environment that supports empowering communication, problem solving and learning.
• Community investment: Mediation West actively promotes the betterment and interconnectedness of the western Nebraska community through leadership, collaboration, education, and service.

Mediation West firmly promotes the integrity of the individual and his/her ability to work toward discovering perspective and building solutions. Mediation West follows the standards of the Uniform Mediation Act and Nebraska Parenting Act and the Mediator's Code of Ethics. These standards and ethics apply to all facilitation and mediation sessions coordinated by Mediation West.

Mediation West staff and affiliated mediators specialize in alternative and innovative methods to manage personal or professional conflicts. A straight-forward approach facilitated by trained professionals identifies underlying perspectives which are discussed and then used as a basis for building solutions agreeable to all involved.

We promote constructive dialogue and conflict resolution through the processes of facilitation, mediation and training. We provide an interest-based process that values the individual. This process honors each person's capacity to express themselves, to listen, to learn and to work together. We serve families, individuals, businesses, schools and community groups. We are the approved center of the Nebraska Supreme Court's Office of Dispute Resolution for fifteen counties in Western Nebraska.

Mediation West provides a wide range of services to at-risk youth, including Youth Victim Conferencing, Justice Youth and Family Conferencing, Family Group Conferencing, Expedited Family Group Conferencing, Parenting Plans, and Special Education Meditations. Our highly trained mediators serve youth and families in court proceedings such as pre-hearing conferences, permanency reviews, and termination of parental rights hearings. Research demonstrates that through mediation children achieve permanency more quickly. There is also a reduction of re-abuse rates for children, an increased use of extended family members in supporting youth, and a reduction in the number of multiple placements thus creating more stability for children.

Victim Offender Conferencing, another of our services, is one of the oldest, most widely used, and evidence-based forms of restorative justice. Restorative justice, which has roots in ancient and tribal traditions, is an approach to justice that focuses on the victim's' harms and needs, holds offenders accountable for their actions, and engages the victim, offender, and often the community in the process. This humanistic approach to resolving conflict and law violations through facilitated dialogue has enormous potential to give voice to victims, create positive change in offenders, and have a long-lasting impact.

These forms of collaborative practices offered at Mediation West are those in which family members are empowered to make decisions, children's voices are at the center of the process, and relationships among family members and friends are strengthened.

Mediation West's educational and training opportunities are expanding. We have partnered with the Courts to offer the Families in Transition course for parents who are separating and will be parenting from two households. We also offer training for organizations, including strategies for employee conflict resolution and StrengthsFinder and Real Colors assessments. Additionally, we offer assistance with strategic planning and succession planning.
When juvenile defendants in our restorative justice program were asked if they would recommend others in their situation participate in our program and meet with the victim, youth said:
• "Yes. It gives you their perspective and it allows you to understand what they went through."
• "Yes. It allows you to fully understand consequences of actions through the questioning process."
When asked, "What would you tell a friend who asks you, 'Do you think I should try mediation?'" people responded:
• "Yes, because it is so much help and mediation makes you feel like you can get through whatever it is you're going through."
• "It helps both parties understand."
When asked the most helpful thing about our Families in Transition course for separating parents, people responded:
• "Understanding Children need communication too."
• "Communicating with others going through the same thing."
• "Knowing I am not the only one going through this."
• "Learning how this effects my kids."
• "Understanding what the kids are going through with this whole process and how I can help them through this."